Referral Program - Terms and Conditions

Please read the following terms and conditions regarding our referral program “Referral Program”. We may update the terms at any time without notice and the changes will be immediately applicable. The participation of the Promoter and the Landlord to the program after the changes represents acceptance of the changes and therefore of the updated terms and / or changes. We reserve the right to terminate the program at any time.

1 - Definitions

    • Referrer: person who participates in the “Referral program”, sharing his / her personal link with other people
    • Landlord: person invited to the Zappyrent platform through the Referrer's personal link
    • Personal link: link associated with a unique code shared by the Referrer that allows to ascertain the traceability of the referral
    • Reward: €20 for each published property and €500 if the property is rented

2 - Purpose of the program

Through the “Referral Program”, Zappyrent intends to involve all its users, current and potential, in the growth of the platform, inviting new people to become users.
The program therefore has a dual purpose: to allow Referrers to earn a reward and to increase awareness toward Zappyrent service.
The following Terms and Conditions have to be observed to take full advantage of the initiative.

3 - Eligibility to participate in the "Referral Program"

The Referrer has to:

  • be registered on the Zappyrent platform
  • be 18 years of age or older

The Landlord must:

  • be 18 years of age or older

The Landlord must not:

  • be already registered on the Zappyrent platform
  • have been registered on the Zappyrent platform previously

4 - Process

The Referrer must share his personal link, present in the personal page of the Referrer, always in a personal and direct way and in any case never in violation of anti-spam regulations in force: the distribution of massive emails, distribution to strangers or other promotion of one's personal link which may constitute or which may appear to constitute an unsolicited commercial email or "spam", is expressly prohibited.

The Referrer declares to assume responsibility:

  • to share the personal link for personal and non-commercial purposes
  • to specify when sharing the link that it is a personal recommendation and that it does not represent Zappyrent

The Landlord will have to click on the shared personal link, which will send it back to the registration page, where it will have to complete the steps to register independently.

The Referrer acquires the right to the reward whenever all of the following conditions are met:

  • the personal link is used by a Landlord to register on the Zappyrent platform
  • the Landlord is eligible to participate in the “Referral Program” according to the provisions of point 3 of these Terms and Conditions

5 - Verification of eligibility to participate

Zappyrent reserves the right to examine the participation of the Referrer and the Landlord in the program in order to identify any fraudulent activities and to take steps to stop them promptly.

Such measures may include the immediate removal from the platform of the Referrer or Landlord.

Rewards earned through fraudulent activity, or activity that violates these program terms, will be forfeited and Zappyrent reserves the right to request a refund.

6 - Tax regime

For Zappyrent Referral, the amount of the Award may be subject to taxation and, therefore, these amounts must be taken into account in the preparation of the tax return. If in doubt, you should consult your tax advisor.

The Award paid to the Referrer is subject to a 20% withholding tax by Zappyrent. Subsequently, the Referrer will have to check if he / she is required to pay additional taxes on the Reward received.